Our story is the story of evolution.

We have built on 3000 years of cooking tradition to craft the ultimate barbecue.

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Kamado History.

The Kamado cooker was introduced to the Japanese around 1,700 years ago. Over time, the Japanese refined the Kamado cooker and it’s the Japanese who we have to thank for naming the ceramic cooker the "Kamado", which translates into “stove”.

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The Kamado Grill.

It is not known exactly when it was done, but a cooking grate for roasting meat, was eventually fitted and became the precursor for the modern day Kamado grill. PODD have built on this ancient technology to make the ultimate versatile cooking machine.

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The Next Evolution.

The PODD leans on the Kamados natural versitility and by adding modern tools and parts has made the most versatile barbecue money can buy. High build quality, stylish design, limited editions and exclusive barbecue club add to the ultimate cooking experience.

Get a 5 year warranty on your PODD.

We are so confident in our barbecues we offer a 5 year warranty when you purchase a PODD.