Duel Zone Cooking System

Duel zone kamado cooking system
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Increase your PODDs versatility even further by creating different heat zones!

The included half-moon heat deflectors mean you can block off heat on one side of the grill, while maintaining a direct heat on the other. Sear a steak while slowly roasting some vegetables, or melt the cheese on your burgers while direct grilling the sausages.

The multi-level design means more space for you to do your thing and the ability to cook even more in one go. The tiered grates almost double your grilling space, making it easy to cook meats, vegetables or other sides all at the same time.

The system also includes a pan settle, meaning you can now use a wok on your PODD (not necessary but definitely fun), or place a pan of water to keep moisture on those low and slow cooks.

Included in the system:

- Flexible Cooking System Rack

- Two Halved Cooking Grates

- Two Halved Heat Deflectors

- Accessory Rack / Pan Settle

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