Big PODD Kamado Grill Gray

Big PODD Kamado Gray BBQ
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Out of stock - available in Black.

The ultimate PODD barbecue starter pack with everything you need to start on your barbecue journey.

Includes the Big PODD 21" diameter Kamado complete with grid, heat deflector / pizza stone, ash tool, wheel base and rain cover.

All PODDs come with a standard 5 year warranty.

The Big PODD is ideal for larger gardens and family cooks and comes with a portable wheel base that allows it to be easily positioned.

The Big PODD can fit most meats, taking 8 + steaks, 12 + burgers, 7 + racks of pork ribs, a large turkey, even the largest brisket you can find! It can be easily set up for a low and slow smoker style cook to get the most from these meats too.

Temperature is controlled by airflow, the more you open the vents the higher the temperature inside, open it all the way to get pizza oven hot and combine with the stone to make your own authentic oven baked pizzas.

Cook - Steaks, Pulled Pork, Brisket, Burgers, Pizzas, Stews, Beer Butt Chicken, Chicken Wings, Hot Dogs, Low 'n Slow, Sear, Caveman & more!

The ultimate cooking companion.

Weight: 90kg

Assembled Height: 90cm

Cooking surface: 18"

Delivery: £50 Tail lift to your door (requires minimum 2 people to deal with the item from door and some assembly is required).

Returns: Up to 60 days from point of purchase.

Colour: Gray.


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The Big PODD

The biggest & baddest PODD in the range great for hobby and professional chefs alike.

Vents control airflow: Open further for hotter cooking tempratures or narrow for low 'n' slow.


Huge grilling area: 18" grill surface can fit up to 12 burgers, pizza or large brisket.


Convenient side tables: Big PODDs come with a portable wheel base for easy positioning and convenient side tables.