The Big PODD

With enough room to fit over 12 average burgers in one cook the Big PODD is great for family cooks and professional events.


Huge fuel efficiency from insulating ceramic body rated to 1000°C means you can cook for hours on one load of charcoal.

Simple fire management using vents and airflow makes it easy to set and forget on those long low n' slow cooks.

PODDs come with versatility baked right in, make authentic pizzas one night and cook beautifully seared steaks the next.

Ready to go out of the box thanks to our starter pack bundles including cover, ash tools and wheel base. Just add charcoal!

PODDs are built to last unlike many other Brands and disposable grill options, you can keep a PODD for life meaning less waste.

Big PODDs come with a 5 year warranty on all ceramic parts meaning you never have to buy another barbecue.

Ready to join the club?

We have bundled convenient starter packs, just add charcoal!

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Vents control airflow: Open further for hotter cooking tempratures or narrow for low 'n' slow.


Huge grilling area: 18" grill surface can fit up to 12 burgers, pizza or large brisket.


Convenient side tables: Big PODDs come with a portable wheel base for easy positioning and convenient side tables.