PODD Kamado Barbecue Grills

Welcome to the zenith of 3000 years of grilling evolution.

Take your barbecuing to the next level with a PODD Kamado BBQ. Designed for both professional and hobby chefs the PODD Kamado grill is the zenith of 3000 years of design evolution that began in ancient Japan. With a stand out egg shape design, PODD Kamado BBQs cook and look awesome. Among the most versatile barbecues on the market, you can: grill, smoke, sear, bake pizza, low 'n' slow, caveman cook and more on a PODD.

I was impressed by the versitility. Grilling spatchcock chicken on the Porto PODD, while searing a steak on the Big PODD and following it up with a pizza on the stone. We are definitely getting one for our kitchen.

- Nick Deverell-Smith, Head Chef Churchill Arms.

Great Kamado bbq! I have 2 now and this has performed well...

- Nick Strong

Chose this bbq over a weber and was not disappointed!

- Paul Collard

Ordered this because I was unsure I wanted something bright red or green in my garden! I also loved the fact it was portable...

- Francesca Grey

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